Definitions change, as well as society itself

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Across most developed (for lack of a better word) countries, we are often confronted with a rather strange phrase embedded in their constitutions. I’m talking about the “right to life.”

Canonically, it means that one’s life cannot be rightfully taken by any entity in society (including the state), prohibiting murder, manslaughter, executions, and many other penal acts. However, I believe that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Reducing the right to life to this simple explanation means reducing the idea of existence to the acts of living, breathing, and having a heartbeat. …

Wealth redistribution is not theft.

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If you have ever read a business motivation book, you might have noticed two things:

  1. Frankly, it’s quite bad (notice how it just says the same thing over and over?);
  2. It presents one of the core myths of today’s capitalist world: with enough work, everyone can become rich.

When I was younger, I used to believe this wholeheartedly. So what if you were born into modern slavery in Southern Asia? Just work hard, start a business, and you’ll make it. Easy as that, right?

Well, not really. It was only after I reached the age of reason that I realized…

Hint: it’s certainly not for your benefit

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If you followed virtually any news outlet during the pandemic, you might have caught a recurring template.

As soon as any remote signs of recovery appear on the horizon, bank managers, wealthy CEOs, and other corporate overlords start stressing that “workers need to come back to their offices as soon as possible.”

Rather strange, as countless studies examining the remote working situation keep demonstrating that productivity increases when working from home. Isn’t that enough to tickle the corporatist’s profit incentive fetish?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. While productivity does lead to more efficiency in business operations and…


A realistic overview of the worst “investment” you’ll ever make

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Buying a house is a downright bad investment. The sheer amount of evidence pointing towards renting as the better option speaks for itself.

So, why do we feel compelled to do it? In short, because other people convinced us that its important. That it will somehow make you “happy” and prideful to bleed out thousands every month in mortgage payments. Just because you “own something.”

Let’s not even talk about the astronomic costs of homeownership that gurus say can be paid off by buying less avocado toast. I won’t even bother with those.

What is this article about, then? It’s…


Not every coin is the next Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrencies have been an absolute money-making machine. In the long run, crashes and dips have been overshadowed by meteoric rises during bull runs, topped by none other than Bitcoin’s ascension from $0.01 to over $37.000 today.

This prompted many investors to wonder which altcoin will mimic this immense return in the future. Suddenly, every coin out there has a “1000x return prospect” and are backed by at least a handful of crypto gurus on social media.

But here’s the truth folks:

Nobody knows which crypto will blow up next. …


3 delusionary aspects that happened in 2017 are happening now

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Alright, alright. Before I get my head done in, I need to clarify something.

I’m as much of a crypto bull as the next guy.

In 10 years’ time, I believe that a couple of projects are bound to change the FinTech world for the better. And have an astronomical market cap while at that.

That being said, I have been following crypto since 2017. I watched the 2018 crash unravel before my eyes and, like most other humans, wondered how the hell could this have happened.

But after a while, with hindsight bias locked and loaded, certain aspects of…


Hint: a simple bank account is not going to cut it

USD Tether logo

Bank account interest is as old as finance itself. But even with their almost guaranteed yearly returns (*cough* Lehman Brothers *cough*), the rates are honestly not that great.

For the average Joe, a classic savings account will almost always yield less than 1% APY (Annual Percentage Yield)— that’s not enough to even beat inflation. A 2% APY would be a miraculous sighting, especially in Eastern Europe where I’m from.

There are banks generous enough to offer up to 7.5% APY to their clients. But guess what? You also need to be generous with your minimum deposit to access these rates.


Ether’s price could skyrocket unlike anything we’ve seen so far

Ethereum logo

After its price almost doubled in the last couple of weeks alone, Ethereum caught the eyes of many crypto investors yet again.

The altcoin season came through in full force this year, with many other tokens seeing parabolic rises. However, Ethereum’s rise is more than just a fad.

A major network update, known as Ethereum 2.0, is set to launch later this year, and investors are piling in for early bird tickets. For the changes brought by this upgrade, a 100% price increase is just the beginning.

In reality, Ethereum 2.0 could lead the network to evolve past its current…


If the cryptocurrency fails, these are not the reasons for it

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Ah, it’s that time again.

With Bitcoin’s recent 10% correction, cryptocurrency critics took their megaphones to Twitter and started slamming every single coin again.

Following Bitcoin since 2017, I’ve already had my fair share of these comments. So, for all beginners in crypto hearing them for the first time, I decided to write up some answers for the most popular concerns.

To make this article more navigable, here are the Bitcoin critiques I will explore:

  • It has no intrinsic value;
  • Bitcoin mining consumes too much energy;
  • It is too volatile.

1. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value

I can’t help but hear Warren Buffet saying that the…


How to prep for the upcoming bear market and more

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With the current bull run continuing to ride high, more and more people are expecting a monster bear market soon. And rightfully so.

As we know, when investor confidence goes down, so does the market.

Indeed, things are looking bad on the horizon. I previously wrote two articles detailing what is wrong with the markets today. Feel free to give them a read:

For the sake of brevity, here are the two main problems we should take into account when prepping for the upcoming downturn:

  • Massively over-leveraged positions (or debt, for short);
  • Inflation caused by excessive money printing.

Quite the…

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Life mission of writing about the bullshit of late-stage capitalism and stupid conservative babble. Anarchist, left-wing, and very mad. Content writer.

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