We Need Financial Solidarity

Like it or not, we are currently living under capitalism. We depend on money to keep ourselves alive, eat, have a shelter, protect our health, and help our loved ones.

We know that there are better alternatives, better worlds out there, completely up for grabs.

But to reach those worlds, we must overcome the system first. We must help each other in times of need, even if it means using the system we so dearly dread.

Workers need money to quit abusive jobs. People need money to avoid predatory loans. The homeless need money to afford shelter.

So, what is there to be done?

Talk to your friends, family, and fellow workers. Establish networks of mutual aid. Associate with organizations thay provide funding.

The more bargaining power we have, the closer we get to building the world we want.

Act, don’t just dream.



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Tica Darius

CEO of making fun of business and investing gurus online. I also offer advice that actually works in real life. Pretty nifty I would say.